Our Mission

The mission of the Miracle on Craig Street is to root a culturally competent network of resources and opportunities focused on wellness for children and families. We were founded in 2015 as a grassroots collective of neighborhood residents that wanted to create a positive change and impact in our hometown. We have since expanded to become a non profit organization that is focused on health and wellness through physical activity, food and farming, and personal development and healing. We provide programming for youth summer sports leagues, yoga in the park, self care workshops, a community gardening project, and a poetry series.

  • Money Raised 25% 25%
  • Hours Volunteered 30% 30%
  • Construction Completed 30% 30%


To date our collective efforts have raised $345,000 in seed money to begin renovations on the Carver Community Center. We have leveraged over one hundred volunteers who have put in over 5000 volunteer hours within the past 5 years. We have leveraged several professional and consulting services to support our functions and processes including but not limited to fundraising, development, accounting, legal services, design, strategic planning, finance and board training. As of December 19th 2019, we have closed on the property and have taken title to the building! Woohooo!! As of June 2020, Carver has been designated as a historical space recognized federally for its cultural, social, and architectural significance. Renovations have begun! We are hoping to be open for the community by Summer 2021!  

Help us do more.

There are many ways to help the miracle continue. You can donate time, money, or other resources. Learn more about how to get involved.