I am the founder of Miracle on Craig Street, where I support leadership, co-manage our capital renovation project and facilitate community building in my hometown. I am a prenatal yoga instructor and a doula. I am a plant lover and urban farmer. I am a wife and a regular ole’ extraordinary being.

I typically have a calm demeanor and a gentle tone. I’m naturally inquisitive, I like to ask questions. I’m pretty intuitive, good at reading energy and noticing when there may be something deeper. I’m a lover, I’m naturally inclined to be concerned about people’s well-being. I enjoy emotional intimacy with friends and loved ones. I do my best to be non-judgmental and be celebratory instead. I am small but mighty. I see myself as a piece of the whole, a part of a larger village, and I believe wholeheartedly in collective healing and utilizing community resources and the village. 

My life joys include movement, growing food, writing, reading, organizing, solitude, decorating, singing, dancing, cooking, meditation, laughing at silly and inappropriate jokes, listening and sharing with others and spending time with my family and lover Raeshelle. 

Doula Services

Why is having a doula important? 

Having the presence and support of a doula has shown to lower the need and use of pain medication, induction, c-sections and shorter labor. Moms with doulas have higher percentages of vaginal births, their baby’s have higher apgar scores, they have increased breastfeeding success, and have fewer perceived negative birth experiences. A doula can help to provide physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual support for moms during and after pregnancy. For many women, pregnancy can come with many lifestyle changes in conjunction with all the changes that are already happening with the body, hormones, and emotions.

 A doula is trained to help and educate the new or experienced mom and provide resources to cope, manage, and transition with these new changes. Every time a baby is born, a new mother is re-born. A doula is also able to help mom after birth, as moms experience their new life and their new addition to their family. There are so many adjustments for moms to make after the baby is here, the doula can help to put in place supports to make sure that mom has continuous care for the best possible outcome. 

A doula is not a midwife and cannot provide clinical support, we do not take the place of an OBGYN or midwife, we are a part of this team and likely spend more time with the mother than other professionals on the birth team. Doulas can be used for home births, hospital births and birth center births. 

Pregnancy – A doula can help educate moms on the changes mom and baby are going through in pregnancy. These include but are not limited to: the babies growth, physical changes with mom, hormonal and emotional changes. Additionally doulas can support with physical exercise, movement, meditation, nutritional education, and troubleshooting physical, emotional, spiritual discomfort and challenges with pregnancy. The doula can also provide advocacy for moms if needed to make sure all birth preferences and the birth experience is what the mom envisions.  

Birth – During birth, a doula plays the role of the birth coach. We are a part of the larger birth team and provide a critical role as we likely spend the most time with mom outside of the immediate family present. We are there to provide comfort, encouragement, and support for the mom in labor. We are there to affirm the birthing mother and provide insight, perspective, and a good ear for listening. 

Postpartum – A doula can spend just as much time and energy with mom after birth than we can before and during birth. Postpartum is one of the biggest changes in a woman’s life. It is an abundant time filled with joy and blessings. It is also a very delicate time for moms and families. There is healing happening, new routines being forged, and so much learning taking place. In the midst of it all, life still keeps going. Doulas are here to help moms postpartum  feel held and connected during this time. Doulas can also help with breastfeeding, finding a lactation consultant, attending doctors visits, limited house chores and connecting mom with larger supports. 

Consultation                                                                                                                                                                $45 

A Consultation is typically an hour long appointment with the expecting family and doula. This appointment is designed for the family to get any additional information necessary for making their decision, to ask questions, and also share their current and previous medical history and details regarding pregnancy. To book a consultation with Rosa Rivera, you can fill out this survey: Doula Services Survey 

We aim to work with families and our priority is providing doula services to families who are ready and seeking support. To fulfill this mission, we provide various payment options for families. In all options a down payment is required to begin services and secure the contract. Payment will be detailed in the consultation appointment.