Tiana Taylor

Tiana Taylor [pronouns she/her/Goddess/Beloved] is a multifaceted healer with a unique approach to wellness through different healing modalities. Tiana’s background as a nurse, brings a divine blend of eastern and western medicine for wellness and healing. Tiana’s wellness journey was inspired by the needs within her earthly experience. Tiana has taken a unique approach to wellness, and began her healing journey first through her body, then mind and spirit. Healing through the body, Tiana specializes in Vinyasa, Aerial and Rocket yoga, connecting with the breath and strength without our lifeforce, supporting beings of all ages, all capabilities. Applying this wellness and healing, Tiana offers individual thai yoga [bodywork] received from Tiana through movement and asanas. Tiana has further applied this holistic experience to be shared via instruction for partners and caregivers/parents. Tiana is a practicing full spectrum Doula, supporting birthing persons journey their chakra bridge and their families and the supporting team in their lives to adjust to the magic and expansion the journey of wombxnhood invites. Tiana is actively participating in wellness through the mind with meditation, journaling and reiki healing. Accessing wellness through spirit, Tiana is Reiki Master and Teaching trained, and infuses her extension of healing through crystal sound bowls, in the body healing modalities, and in connection and bridging to the spiritual healing. As a mixed womban, Tiana has found the journey to wellness from a grounding experience, planting the seeds of intention for expansion and experience to occur to complete the assignment of our purpose.

For more information of Tiana Taylor’s offerings, please visit www.ttbytianataylor.com