September Journey Notes

Dear Beautiful Miracle Makers,
Thank you for sticking around and supporting our work! In this time we are so grateful for how our community has wrapped around us. These uncertain times has helped us to really understand how sacred every interaction is that we have with others. We’re all here just trying to navigate safely and remain healthy physically and emotionally. We believe this work is a part of the plan that aids in the most basic human need, belonging. The global pandemic and the personal/political revolution centered on the sanctity of Black lives has made it clear to us that, we belong to the earth and we belong to each other. We are each other’s responsibility and we need each other. Here are some ways in which we have been coming together!

We are now running community cleanups every Wednesday at the Carver Community Center. We have been working on the reclamation of the Carver Community Center outdoor children’s park. We have also began adding beautiful art to our space along with new plant babies. We’ve received so much support from our community and different organizations have helped out. A big thank you to The Vale Urban Farm, Schenectady Retree, Land Art Studio, Electric City Food Co-op, All of Us, Schenectady Summer Youth Program, CREATE Studios, and all the community members who have came out and helped us pull up some tough weeds! We’d also like to give a shout out to our sponsors for the painting and cleanup efforts – Seymour Fox Foundation, MVP Healthcare, Jammella Anderson & Friends and Price Chopper! Thank you for being a phenomenal neighbor!

Pave The Way Sponsors support our capital renovations at the Carver Community Center. Each sponsor receives a personalized brick that will be paved in the walk way going into the center. We want to give special congratulations to our new Pave The Way Sponsors. Thank you Boys and Girls Club, Sabrina Priddle of Pridd Kids and Jammella Anderson and Friends! We appreciate being your sweet generosity and intention to uplift the community by supporting our project. To learn how to become a Pave The Way Sponsor  visit HERE.

We would like to welcome our new board member Ashley Whiteside! Ashley is currently working as a Licensed Master Social Worker for Neil Hellman School at Northern Rivers Family of Services. She has a passion for people, a wealth of community relations experience and leadership skills to support the mission of this organization; to bring culturally competent resources and opportunities to communities that need it most. Help us welcome Ashley to our team! We’re so blessed to have her at our table.

We’ve been working hard to get our space up and running for 2021! Check out some of our articles in the media. We have an ongoing online gofundme campaign to support the work that we are doing this Fall to restore and prepare our space for community use! To donate to our organization, visit the link above!

As we begin to plan for the re-opening of the center. We are beginning to collect data that will inform our resources and services offered at Carver. We are planning to house doula services in our space offering services to support women through pregnancy, birth, and post-partum. We have begun spinning our web to gauge interest and current needs for doulas and birth workers. If you are a doula or birth workers and are interested in being a part of a larger network of resources for birth work, please fill out the following survey HERE.

Thank you for staying in the loop with our important community work. We appreciate the sharing and exchange of energy with you! None of this work is possible without the many hands that come together along the way and offer support by way of donating monetarily, donating services, volunteering, or connecting us to resources. If you are reading this and feel like we are doing amazing work, please reach out and support us in a way that feels meaningful to you! This is how our work sustains. We hope that you stay tuned for the exciting journey ahead!

​In Gratitude, 
Rosa Rivera